Harnessing the speed and power of data

Oct 28, 2019

HPE is bringing IT services—compute, network, storage, and security—closer to where data is generated through an innovative partnership with Pensando Systems, a networking company headquartered in San Jose, CA. HPE will integrate their technology into HPE servers, storage, networking, and software. The combination of HPE servers and Pensando Systems Secure Services Edge means a significant leap forward for edge computing.

This next-generation approach moves the traditionally data center-bound network, storage, and security services to the server processing the data, all but eliminating latency and dramatically accelerating the analysis and time-to-insight of customer data.

Ideal for highly regulated markets and security-conscious industry segments, such as financial services and healthcare, the solution will be available through HPE and our channel partners in the first half of 2020.

Go to the Partner Briefcase on the Pensando announcement for more information and communication materials.

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