Hybrid Cloud One: the best mix to innovate faster

Oct 09, 2019

Together with VMware and Intel, HPE enables you to choose the best mix of cloud and on-premise. With Hybrid Cloud One, the hybrid cloud is no purpose in itself, but an experience, delivered as-a-service. This way, you decrease your operational costs by 35 percent, because applications are deployed on-premise in the same way as in the cloud. Also, you will save 60 percent in time, thanks to automation of everyday management.

There are eight important reasons why Hybrid Cloud One, a solution of HPE, VMware and Intel, enables your customer to innovate faster:

1. Consistent management: thanks to one software-defined platform for all applications;
2. Seamless migration: move without interruption from the cloud to your own datacenter;
3. Flexible and scalable: from small too big, all over the world;
4. Easy management: deploy, expand and update with one push on the button, on one screen;
5. Intelligent: problems solved before they emerge;
6. Secure: from hardware to application, complete, integrated security;
7. Always available: applications will stay available if a component, server or even the complete datacenter malfunctions;
8. Quick start: choose from one of the three plans to start up quickly.

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