Unlock data's potential with intelligent storage

Sep 09, 2019

Maximizing the transformational value of digital information requires data to be leveraged at both the optimal time and the optimal place. This new requirement poses a challenge—since data has “weight,” it is costly and time consuming to move across locations.

In today’s digital era, new applications and workloads are creating data across a hybrid IT landscape, with huge amounts being generated at the edge, in the cloud, and in the datacenter. Data holds the power to transform—but only if it can be refined and accessed when and where it’s needed, anywhere across a hybrid cloud environment. Most enterprises see hybrid clouds—their ecosystem of workloads deployed across public clouds, private clouds and on-premises—as the new reality. However, with hybrid cloud, there is still work to be done to match the agility and consumption experience of the public cloud. Harnessing the transformative power of data in the hybrid cloud computing environments of the future is the next frontier for IT—and for business.

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